hepburn collection
severin hubert hairstylist

Pssst…want to know our secret?

Severin of Hepburn Collection from HEPBURN COLLECTION on Vimeo.

Would you like some expert tips? Shhhhhh – we’re about to let you into a few trade secrets!

We took two real brides and created two hairstyles that you can achieve in the comfort ofyour very own boudoir! Firstly: a sexy stunning tousled look. Secondly, up with the hair anddown with a curl cascade.

Sev’s step-by-step DIY guide is available in full colour gloriousness right here.

Model and styling courtesy of those divine people at Rock My Wedding; make up by Ivyclara whose mission it is to make women everywhere look and feel fabulous; photographyby tip top photographer Chris Barber, and film action by Reel Weddings.