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Hollywood glitz and glam


Sev was booked for the Beverly Lister photoshoot with Matt Bird from One Ninety Three – a busy, busy day with nine stunning gowns in the collection.  Beverly’s passion for vintage-inspired gowns led the theme across the three looks planned.

The shoot took place outdoors in the ever-so-pretty town of Godalming and the sun shone brilliantly all day.

First up was country romance. Then it was on to 1930s glamour with a slinky lace gown, pearls, soft make-up and hair styled perfectly with waves. The final look captured was downtown glamour, inspired where else but by Hollywood! The whole day was spent as if in a bygone era.  A chauffeur waiting by a Bentley with a Martini cocktail on a tray would not have been out of place!