hepburn collection
severin hubert hairstylist

All that glitters is….gorgeous!


Severin and his team found themselves in spellbinding Hengrave Hall. Magpie Vintage had chosen this elegant, enchanting Suffolk venue as the shoot for their glitteringly gorgeous bespoke bridal headpieces. Kate Barbour styled the shots beautifully, with bridal dresses by local award-winning designer Terry Fox, and Julia Boggio took fabulous shot after shot after shot at this picturesque Tudor setting.

Severin worked his magic on an edgy-statement-rock-chick-look. Then, in a mini French Revolution of his very own, he turned a model into a Marie Antoinette look-alike. (The famous Dauphine was renowned for her elaborate hair, which was often a metre high with incredible ornaments.) Vive La Hepburn Collection!